Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Shower for Le Petit Owlet

***UPDATE: I originally uploaded the wrong invitation copy - it had the baby's name spelled incorrectly. I hope no one has gotten confused by the spelling. The correct spelling can be seen in the invitation below: Addison Frances

The invitation. Owl drawn by Elena.

From the the minute I told my gooAlign Leftd friend / fellow grad student, Elena, that I was pregnant, she started planning a baby shower for me. She has been calling the baby "le petit owlet" and me "mama owl", so it was only natural that she chose an owl theme for the shower. All of my friends and faculty from the Interior Design department at FSU were invited. The location was Lucy & Leo's Cupcakery / Texture's Handmade Market in midtown Tallahassee, honestly one of the cutest places you could possibly find.

Elena (with the help of her mom, Andrea) went all out, bringing in china, crystal, gold-plated flatware and silver for us to eat and drink from. (Elena doesn't mess around when it comes to party planning! This is why she's become my partner in wedding coordinating, first for my friend, O'Hara, then for my sister's wedding and again in November for our friend, Noelani.) I can't even imagine all the hard work that was put into making the shower happen, but it was absolutely beautiful.

The cupcakes were Vanilla with Buttercream, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese, and (the biggest hit of the evening) Vegan Chocolate/Espresso/Coconut. Melissa, Fran and I demolished one of the Vegan cupcakes in about 30 seconds flat. They were AMAZING! We also had coffee and sparkling apple juice to drink, out of china cups and saucers and crystal champagne glasses, of course!

We got a lot of cute gifts, including a handmade blanket, a precious handmade stuffed dog toy, and some onesies that I cannot wait to put on the baby! Everything was absolutely perfect, and I felt really special and loved. Thanks to Elena and all my sweet, sweet school friends that helped her make it all happen!

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Sparkling Apple Juice

There's a bottle of champagne hidden in this diaper cake. Makes me love it even more....

Fran, Noelani and Dr. Waxman. Fran actually taught Dr. Waxman's daughter in elementary school.

Party favors.

With Fran, my Tallahassee mother-in-law, and my sister, Melissa. I had to have my real family meet my school family!

Getting love from the best party planner ever!

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