Sunday, May 9, 2010

new address

In hopes to get back in gear with this whole baby blogging thing, I've decided to move the blog to wordpress instead of blogger. This will allow me to do a lot more with the blog and its content and will hopefully give me the inspiration to start posting more. Therefore, henceforth, the blog formerly located at is now housed at

I promise* I will get back to blogging, not only for all my loyal readers (hah!) but for personal enrichment and memory keeping. Is there such a thing as a May 9th resolution? Seems as good a day as January 1st.

*any consistency in actual creation of blog posts is not guaranteed due to likelihood of sleeplessness, natural disasters involving mountainous piles of dirty diapers, or other potential baby-related emergencies like needing to suck on a sweet little baby cheek like it may be the only thing keeping me alive.

1 comment:

  1. you will not be disappointed by the switch to wordpress. my 2 favorite parts about it:
    1. snow falls on the blog during the month of decmeber
    2. the dashboard where it shows you how many people view your blog daily.
    i'm looking forward to more posts, for what it's worth.