Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm feeling a little nostalgic about the pregnancy since it will quickly be coming to an end, so I sat down this afternoon and started reading over the blog from the beginning. Besides it being really fun to read, I realized that there are plenty of loose ends left to tie up on here. I'll try to address some of these topics in the next week or so while this is still a pregnancy blog and not a new mom freaking out blog.

First up, back in June I mentioned the super cute baby apparel item called BabyLegs (see here) and that they were a "must" on the items to purchase list. I had been putting off buying them because they're a little pricey ($12/pair. Yikes!) but the lovely people at BabyLegs had a big buy one/ get one sale last month and I stocked up!!
These are the styles that I bought. CANNOT wait to see some chubby little baby legs filling them up! (I actually bought 16 pairs, including some in a pale yellow, and yes, even a pink pair)

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