Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What to Expect: Week 36

Exactly one month left until my due date! Of course, she could be early or late, but we're in the home stretch for sure. According to my last OB visit, the baby is already in head down position, which is good news - no breach worries. Also, she's measuring the right size, which is great because macrosomia (excessive birth weight) is one of the worries involved with gestational diabetes. Except for a few glitches here and there (and my borderline inappropriate daydreams of having a half a pan of brownies with some vanilla ice cream a big 'ol glass of milk) the gestational diabetes hasn't really been a problem. I had another diabetes appointment this afternoon, and they were happy with how I've been doing. One of the perks is that I've barely gained any weight since I had to start checking my blood sugar. I think I've gained maybe 4 pounds in the past month, and this is usually the time when you pack on the most pregnancy weight.

I'm definitely wondering how I'll be feeling over the next few weeks. School starts back tomorrow, and I have to try to hang in there for as long as possible. My professor for the only class I'm taking is allowing me to miss 4 weeks of school, plus Spring Break is the first week of March so that's an extra week. The longer I stay at school before the baby arrives, the longer I can stay OUT of school once she's here! I'm hoping to get a temporary disabled parking permit for campus use to get me through the next few weeks. If you've been to FSU, you know what a nightmare parking is. Add a big, fat pregnant belly to that and walking to class is pretty much impossible. I'm hoping I'll get the permit, and I'll be parking right outside my building and loving life! And I won't have to worry about my water breaking while I'm walking up the hill from the parking garage to Westcott....

I started getting my hospital bag together yesterday. I packed the things I could pack, put a note on the door to remind us to grab things we can't pack yet (things that I use every day like my hair dryer and my makeup, snacks to keep Aaron fueled during delivery) and I ordered a few things that I haven't been able to find in Tallahassee (including a few nursing bras and tanks for me and a coming home outfit for the baby that doesn't look like Barbie and a My Little Pony mated to create it. Why must every clothing manufacturer try to make baby girls look like some deranged blob of cotton candy covered in flowers?)

The nursery isn't totally ready, but we have our last baby shower this weekend, so I'm holding out on buying things we still need until we see what gaps need to be filled. Next week will definitely be my last big shopping spree for awhile - can't wait!

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