Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What To Expect: Week 15

August 10, 2009

I know I keep saying this every week, but I just can't believe how big this baby is!!!! An orange is huge! And compared to last week's lemon, it seems to be growing much faster these days. I guess it's still especially unbelievable to me because I don't feel pregnant yet. 15 weeks, and my only symptom is my inability to button my pants. That's it. Again, I'm really, really, really lucky, but I'm worried that my lack of symptoms thus far is going to lead to a pretty ugly reality check once things start ramping up. I'm picturing myself gaining all my baby weight in one fell swoop, waking up with an entirely different body (that I think will look a lot like Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she turns into a blueberry. Minus the blue.)

But enough about me..... This week, all four of the baby's limbs have functional joints, which is good because Aaron keeps reminding me, "Our kid is going to play a sport!" and I think joints will be pretty crucial for that. The baby is moving a lot, but I still can't feel it. Some days I'll feel a little twitch (kind of like a quick, sharp pain) that I think could possibly be a fetal movement, but I'm not sure because I have no idea what they're supposed to feel like and they're in really random places. Could just be a twitch. According to thebump.com, first time moms start feeling movement between 16 and 22 weeks, so it's still a little early for me.

Aaron and I have been on a total house cleaning kick the past two weekends since I've been out of school. We even rented one of those industrial carpet cleaner things to clean up our rugs (it worked great, btw! Just make sure the suction part is working properly when you start. I almost created Lake Kautz in our Living Room, but I got it figured out.) Aaron put a lot of stuff out in the new storage shed, which has cleared a lot of space in the office/future nursery. I cleaned out both closets and have been using my new Shark steam mop thing non-stop. We've both been tackling other, smaller projects that have been looming for awhile, too, like a new baseboard in the kitchen and a new faucet for the kitchen sink. If only we could get Ringo kitty to pitch in some....

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