Monday, August 24, 2009

What to Expect: Week 16

August 17, 2009

Okay, first of all, the date above is the date I SHOULD have written this week's blog. So I slacked a little, but it was a busy week for me, plus I was bitter that it was my vacation from school, and I wasn't getting to have any fun, and the blog got put on the back burner. But I'm back! Here's a look at what was happening last week with the baby...

The ears are starting to work, so the poor kid is probably wondering, "What the hell is that????" at night when Ringo snuggles up to me and paws on my belly. Also, the baby's muscles are bulking up, helping it to straighten out a little. Eyelashes and eyebrows are filling in, and the taste buds are forming. I hate to break it to the kid, but eyelashes are not going to be one of your strongest features - one look at Aaron and I will clue you in on that one. If it's a girl, I see a lot of mascara in her future.....

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