Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Of course it's waaaay too early to tell if we're having a boy or girl, but it's already a topic of great speculation. From the beginning, I've felt like we're going to have a boy and Aaron is convinced 100% we're having a girl. I think mine is more wishful thinking - I'm one of four girls, my mom is one of five girls, and Aaron is the last of the Kautz line, so it would be nice to get some male blood flowing around here. Plus, my friend, Heather, has the most perfect baby boy ever and I'm hoping I get a kid just like him. I don't know why Aaron is convinced we're having a girl, but I know that would make my mom happy - for YEARS she has sighed every time we pass the baby section in stores and said, "I just don't know what I'll do if you have boys. What will they wear?"

We are definitely going to find out the sex of the baby the minute that we can, but that moment is about ten weeks away. In the meantime, click here for some fun gender predictors until we find out for sure. One involves Drano, which I'm dying to test out. Another involves the age of the mother at conception and the year - both odd or even equals a girl, a mix of odd and even equals a boy. I've done a rundown on the last few people I know that have had babies (that I also know their age) and so far it's looking like this one rings pretty true. If so, it's looking like a boy for us! I win!

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