Monday, June 1, 2009

Breaking the News: Part 1

Day One and Day Two 5.30 - 5.31.2009

I guess most people would wait at least until after a doctor's appointment to start spreading the pregnancy news, but that was not the case with us. We were headed down to Ormond Beach for Aaron's cousin's wedding the morning of "the test." A four hour road trip with the in-laws would have been the perfect time to break the news and talk baby, but by a twist of fate, for the first trip in 6 years, Fran wasn't riding with us! She was already in Titusville with her sister, Marta. What are the chances?

There was no way we could tell Randy without Fran there, so we knew we'd have to wait until after the car ride. We also decided to go ahead and tell Aaron's grandparents that weekend, because we rarely see them and the opportunity to tell them in person wouldn't happen again until Thanksgiving (clearly too late to share!) So we decided to tell the parents and the grandparents this weekend, but not say anything until Sunday morning, so we wouldn't take away from the wedding festivities.

But, alas, impatience reared its ugly head again, and during cocktail hour (during which I had quickly gotten tired of staring at everyone else sipping their favorite alcoholic beverage. It's gonna be a loooong nine months!) Aaron and I decided we couldn't wait any longer -we had to tell Fran and Randy! We somehow managed to get them away from the grandparents and break the news. The look on Fran's face was priceless! And I thought Randy's face was going to split in two from the grin. I wish I could have taken a picture, but we couldn't revel for too long, because we were called for family photos and had to keep it quiet.

The next morning, we followed the plan and told the grandparents the big news. They were excited (of course) and immediately offered to come up and help when the baby is born, which was sweet. Totally unnecessary considering the amount of people that will be completely freaking out over this kid, but sweet nonetheless.

Next up, we're telling my dad, my mom and Aaron's mom all within the next week. Should be a fun few days! Besides the immediate family, we're keeping things secret for a little bit longer. Or at least that's the plan...

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